The way to getting what we ask for is believing that we have received once we have asked; the God-kind of faith (as we are instructed to have in Mark 11: 22-24) is the answer to answered prayers! Effectual, fervent and faith-filled prayers release power (James 5: 16).

The prayer of a man/woman that has faith is a prayer of trust and confidence in God! PRAYER + FAITH = GOOD SUCCESS

In Mark 5, Jairus had a dying daughter that he left at home to come meet Jesus; he laid his request that Jesus would come lay hands on her so she will be healed, or if she was dead by the time they got back home, that she would live! This was a faith-filled prayer that worked for him, because before they got to his house – while Jesus was healing the woman with the issue of blood – the girl had indeed died, but his prayer filled with faith had him covered! Do not just pray; mix your prayers with faith!