And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.
Matthew 11:12 KJV

I prophesy that they will release your testimonies today by force! In the name of Jesus Christ

Some people will never have good testimonies unless they apply force. This is because their enemies stole their testimonies and their enemies are not ready to release them unless they apply force. You do not speak with a colourful vocabulary and acrobatic semantics to recover your blessings; you need to apply force! How do you apply force in prayer? You have to pray with violent faith and holy madness.

Let us look at what the Bible says in Job 20:12-19
12 Though wickedness be sweet in his mouth, though he hide it under his tongue;
13 Though he spare it, and forsake it not; but keep it still within his mouth:
14 Yet his meat in his bowels is turned, it is the gall of asps within him.
15 He hath swallowed down riches, and he shall vomit them up again: God shall cast them out of his belly.
“Do you know that they can swallow your riches? People’s riches have been swallowed. Today, we will pray violently and your enemies will vomit your testimony. If you fail to apply violence, they will not release your testimonies. You need to pray and God will send down His sword and they will be forced to vomit your testimonies!
16 He shall suck the poison of asps: the viper’s tongue shall slay him.
17 He shall not see the rivers, the floods, the brooks of honey and butter.
18 That which he laboured for shall he restore, and shall not swallow it down: according to his substance shall the restitution be, and he shall not rejoice therein.
19 Because he hath oppressed and hath forsaken the poor; because he hath violently taken away an house which he builded not;
“In other words, that building is not for your enemies and they have taken it by force. That ‘house’ in the Bible signifies your testimonies in the realms of the spirit. Until you pray violently, they will not release your testimonies.
When it comes to spiritual warfare, you need to be violent. You need to groan and cry in the spirit! Testimonies will not come until you apply force. You need to break barriers. You need to break into prisons and the palaces of your enemies. You need to lock the enemies up. You need to pray dangerous prayers!
Say loudly “I am going to take my testimonies by force!” Before you finish reading this message, you will pray some violent prayers and they will release it. Anything they stole from you will be released unto you after you pray these violent prayers! Because Jesus is with you and He never fails, He will fight for you. Are you ready to pray? Are you ready to apply violent force to capture back the testimonies the enemies stole? Then pray these prayer points:


Oh God of Vengeance, visit the enemies of my testimonies with your anger!

Enemies of my testimony, receive divine bullets in the Name of Jesus!

Any household enemy, sitting on my testimonies, die! in the name of Jesus Christ

Any power, negotiating with my testimonies, die! In the name of Jesus Christ

Witches and wizards, trading with my testimonies, die! In the name of Jesus Christ

Father, in the name of Jesus, I pull down every wall of Jericho standing on my way to my promise land in Jesus name.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I resist every devil resisting my testimony in Jesus name

Father, in the name of Jesus, I destroy every works of darkness militating against my testimony in Jesus name.

Father, by the blood of Jesus, purge my heart from every negative experience that I have faced that is now an obstacle to my progress in Jesus name.

Father, I deliver myself from every past failures and setbacks in Jesus name.

I Paralyse Every Destiny Manipulator Or Destroyer, Sent On A Mission Against Me, My Family And Members Of My Church, In Jesus’ Name.

I declare today that I shall not fail in life in Jesus name


I prophesy; all your blessings from the north shall locate you!

I prophesy; all your blessings from the south shall locate you!

I prophesy; all your blessings from the east shall locate you!

I prophesy; all your blessings from the west shall locate you!